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CamUniversal is software designed to create a video surveillance system using your own video cameras and webcams. It's compatible with webcams, netcams, and many other video recording devices.

It displays the perspective of the cameras divided into three groups. There can be an unlimited amount of recorders depending on the type of device. However, if you use webcams for your video surveillance system, the limit of devices will simply be the number of USB ports you have available.

CamUniversal works using a movement detector where you can select the timespan and intervals that you want it to record, create different workstations for the movement detector to observe with night or day adjustments, send you emails if movement is detected, record video and sound, take pictures, etc.

In addition, there is a programmer at all times who files through all of the video evidence claims.

All of the cameras and defined parameters work simultaneously with the movement detector which runs hand in hand with the planner, photographs, and recordings that your camera will transfer through the video network (the PCs to the video server).

CamUniversal also includes an 'AVI Creator' to produce videos from individual images. It also has an integrated multimedia viewer in which you can see the captured videos and images from the hard drive.

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